Travel: Wilmington Vacation Day #1

Welcome back to this mini travel series on the trip Caleb and I took to Wilmington, North Carolina. The first post in this little series, about the airbnb we stayed in, can be found HERE.

Once again, all of these pictures were taken by Caleb and he has tons more of wonderful pictures on his instagram @mcguiresmedia, so go give him a follow!

Today we’re going to be talking all about our first day on the trip. From everything we ate,  everywhere we shopped, the activities we did, and all the bits and bobs in between!

Let’s get right to it!

We left the Upstate area around 8 or 9 am and headed straight for Wilmington. I was the first to drive on the 4-5 hour journey. Caleb and I split up the drive both on the way there and back. The drive really wasn’t bad at all; we didn’t run into traffic and the worst part was how straight the last leg of the trip is. That last stretch is a bit boring to drive, but once you get there it’s definitely worth it!

When we arrived in Wilmington the first thing we did was head to Carolina Beach to find our Airbnb. We promptly unloaded the car, situated our things, and changed into some nicer clothes to head out the door and eat. We were both STARVING.

Caleb snagged this cute little photo of me after I had surrounded myself in all of my clothing options and finally decided what to wear

I finally decided on the outfit you see below.

My off the shoulder crocheted neckline top was thrifted from Goodwill, of course. For bottoms I wore my high waisted super skinny jeans from Forever21. I LIVE for these pants; they’re my everything. On my feet I decided to go for my white converse since I knew we were going to be walking around the downtown area quite a bit.

After Caleb took a few shots of my outfit we headed for Historic Downtown Wilmington to eat at the most brilliant little spot called Chops Deli! You can find the downtown location of Chops located at  gabapentin 300 mg for dogs where to buy from 130 N Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401.

To be completely honest, this was one of Caleb and I’s favorite spots that we ate at while on the trip. We strolled up to the cutest little shop where you could walk up to a window to order out, come inside and order to-go, or sit down inside, have a waitress serve you, and eat in the air-conditioned deli. Our waitress was the sweetest, she let us know a little bit about the deli, what they offered, and how good everything was.

“Chops Deli is a locally owned and operated deli offering the best that sandwiches can be. Using Boar’s Head meat and cheese, fresh produce(locally sourced when possible), homemade sauces and locally baked bread, we craft creations everyday that will amaze your eyes and taste buds. Don’t forget to check out our homemade soups, made year ’round – even in the heat of summer, and our homemade sides and desserts as well! We are so thankful to be active in the Wilmington community so stop on by and let us treat you to the best sandwich you’ve ever had! “

peep the reflection of the old man in the window behind me. we discovered through listening to their conversation that this man comes in here multiple times a week and gets the same thing every time. he loves everybody that works there, they love him, and know exactly what he wants to order.

When we finally decided on what to get and our food was brought to our table very swiftly. Caleb and I couldn’t have been more excited. Everything looked brilliant. I couldn’t wait to dive in but, of course, since I’m here to give y’all the details, we had to wait until Caleb got done taking pictures of the mouth watering plates in front of us.

my lunch plate
Caleb’s sandwich

I chose a triple layered grilled cheese with three kinds of cheese and bacon as well. On the side I had a cup of Mac and Cheese that had pulled pork in it and a pickle spear for the other side. I CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW DELICIOUS THIS MEAL WAS. Caleb went for a pulled pork sandwich with slaw on top, a side of chips, and a pickle. He was also super pleased with how everything tasted. This is for sure a place I will be going back to when I hit up Wilmington next time and it’s 100% a place a recommend you all to try!!!

After finishing our delicious lunch, we decided since we were already downtown we would adventure a little and walk along some of the main streets. We ended up in the most outstanding book store I’ve ever entered. Literally called “Old Books On Front Street”, the store didn’t disappoint in the slightest. There are quite in fact a lot of old books and the store itself can be found on 249 N Front Street Wilmington, NC. A very literal name for a store. I enjoy that. You can also find them online at

There was so much for my eyes to see I couldn’t stop turning my head every which way and spinning in circles just trying to bask in all the glory and beauty of literature. The “juke box” you see above is actually not full of music. It’s full of stories. This is the worlds first literature juke box. Caleb and I were both very very interested in this little machine and how nifty it was.

Now, this whole store was without a doubt my happy place, but I even found a little happy place inside of my big happy place. The back room was riddled with tons of prints, poems, illustrations, and maps slid delicately into their own plastic cover making sure to keep the beauty of each separate page. I was overjoyed. I spent most of my time here and even ended up bringing my dad back the next day to show him all of the beauty. I bought quite a few of these individual pages and they’re now used as art pieces on my wall.

After walking around the downtown area and spending so much time in the heat we decided we would head back to the Carolina Beach area and figure out what to do from there. We ended up stopping at a local grocery store to get some drinks and pick up a Red Box movie for the evening. We settled on Split and went back to the airbnb to relax a bit and watch some of the movie before we headed to dinner. We got about half way through before our hunger became unbearable so we did a little outfit switch and we were off to the boardwalk for the rest of the night.

The outfit I ended up working with that night was a 3/4 sleeve black and white striped shirt under one of my favorite pieces for this summer: The Overall Dress. This black patched denim dress from Forever21 was the perfect match with the stripes. I finished the look off with the typical Paige style of wearing tall socks with my choice of shoe, which happened to be white Converse in this case. For my purse, all weekend I carried around my mini, suede, camel colored backpack to keep everything with me and easy to access. Of course you all have seen this purse before and know it’s thrifted from Goodwill.

As you can tell from the above picture, there were a ton of things happening on the Boardwalk due to the fact that it was Memorial Day weekend.


However, if you’re able to find parking and get down to the boardwalk there were tons of activities to take part in, lots of events going on, and plenty of sights to see. There was a fair type situation going on with fair food, rides, and games, a live band playing in the gazebo, items being raffled off, and the night was all going to come to a close with a firework show!!!

After walking around the boardwalk a bit, realizing we couldn’t go on the beach because they were preparing for the firework show, and listening to the live band and the raffle for some time we decided we’d find a place to eat since we figured the wait would be so long.

It took us forever to decide where to eat, mostly because social anxiety and indecisiveness was getting the best of both of us, but we finally ended up at a joint called Buzz’s Roost. Turned out there was no wait and we were able to walk right in and get a table right next to the windows. Caleb and I both ordered fish sandwiches with fries, and while the wait was a bit long, the service was great, and we even were able to watch the firework show from our table while we waited on our meals to arrive. That was actually really cute and special; just being able to sit with each other and watch firework at our table and not out on the boardwalk surrounded by massive amounts of people. Once we did get out food we dove straight in, which is why there are no pictures of our plates, but please know it was SO GOOD. All that you could hope a fish sandwich and fries would be and more!

Caleb and I ended our night with this view. After getting our bellies nice a full we headed onto the front of the boardwalk or maybe the back… anyway, we went to the arcade and boy, oh boy, were we happy to be at that arcade! I think this was the first time we had ever played in an arcade together and it’s almost the only date we’ve thought about going on since. We had so much fun playing all the games and being competitive with each other! If you’ve never gone to an arcade with your significant other I definitely recommend giving it a go!!!

This is how our night in the arcade came to a close. Me losing to Caleb at air hockey and the man in the back laughing at me for losing to Caleb at air hockey. Caleb won and then said let me take a picture; hence the post of a loser.

But then Caleb tried to take a picture of his winning score and it was already gone. So who’s the real winner here, folks? (;

After getting beat in air hockey and giving a little girl all of the tickets we had won, we retreated back to our airbnb to finish Split and head to bed for the night. If you’re wondering, the movie was super outstanding and I highly recommend watching it!

Overall we had the most perfect first day of vacation in Wilmington and I can’t wait to show you all of the Day 2 & 3 photos in the next post, so make sure you stop back by soon to see what we got up to during the rest of our time in Wilmington, North Carolina!

Thanks so much for reading <3

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