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Travel: Wilmington Airbnb Review

Hey, y’all!

I’m back today to share a new vacation spot! I know a lot of you follow me on snapchat and saw that I recently went to Wilmington, North Carolina on a vacation with Caleb. Ultimately we were there for a family reunion, but we made the most of our time and did all we could in this little island town! Caleb was my photographer for the whole trip and he takes brilliant photos-most of which you’ll see in upcoming posts-so make sure you go follow his media account on instagram @mcguiresmedia.

So without blabbing anymore let’s get into the review of the cutest little airbnb Caleb and I stayed the night in for our first night on vacation in Wilmington. Make sure you stay all the way until the end of the post to check out the link for this airbnb so you can get a look at the house from Shelly’s pictures and rent this one for yourself the next time you take a trip to this area of North Carolina.

The picture you see of a lovely white house up above is the wonderful airbnb that Caleb and I were able to snatch up for one of our first nights on the trip. However, the whole house wasn’t ours. We stayed off the the right had side of the house in a little bungalow that was connected but had a completely separate entrance than the entirety of the home. Our little bungalow style area was perfect for Caleb and I! I’d like to take this time to thank our sweet airbnb host Shelly for offering us her amazing space to stay in and for being readily available when I had any questions about the home!

(It was a bit hard to get great pictures because of the lighting in the small space, but Caleb did what he could and I’m always appreciative of that)

living room area
view from the living room couch

When you first walk into the airbnb you’re greeted with a minimalistic living room. The whole home was decorated in a minimalistic style and Caleb discovered he loved this quite a bit. Seeing how much Caleb was excited about the space made me love it even more. Everything was just perfect for Caleb and I! One of our favorite parts of the house were the floors! The finish on the concrete was so beautiful and really added to the minimalistic look of the space.

art work found throughout the house

If you didn’t catch the small pieces of artwork in the living room, the pictures above will give you a closer look. I loved the pieces in the house because they complemented the rest of the space so well and are definitely pieces I would have in my art collection.

After walking in the front door of the apartment, when you take a right you walk directly into the kitchen pictured above. It’s a bit tiny but in all reality it’s the perfect size for Caleb and I especially since we were on vacation. We had a fridge to keep our leftovers from eating out, a microwave to heat them up in, a stove incase we decided to make our own meal one night and also a tiny coffee maker. The kitchen was stocked with plates, glasses, silverware, and any other bits and bobs you might need.

bathroom stocked with body wash, shampoo, washcloths, and body towels

The bathroom stuck with the minimalistic style of the home and was once again the perfect size for us. The shower was lovely and I was so pleased to see that she had stocked the room with all of the necessities. Such a nice touch, Shelly!!

The last room of the house, directly behind the kitchen, is the marvelous bedroom. Once again, the perfect size, Caleb and I really enjoyed this space. The bed was so comfy, the space had all the storage we needed, and the lighting was so relaxing after spending the day in the hot sun. We decided to take out some time on our first night to just hang out in the bed and watch Split (such a good movie by the way).

And with that we are at the end of the home.

I can’t say enough how great our stay was. We were amazed with the quality of the home for the reasonable price that we paid and how close it was to the beach. It’s for sure worth the money! The best part about the home was that it was walking distance from the beach and we even had parking at the house. We didn’t have to fight for parking around the boardwalk and you could feel the ocean air when you walked out of the front door. The location was everything and once again, if you follow me on snapchat you saw Caleb and I’s initial reaction to this home and I know you could definitely see all of the joy and  excitement on our faces when we first walked in. Like I said before, I’d like to give a huge thank you to Shelly for allowing us to stay in her lovely little bungalow and for helping us out whenever we had a question! She was a brilliant host and I’m looking forward to another stay in her home. Make sure you check out her Airbnb profile to take another look at the house and to book the place for yourself! Be sure you do it quick though, Shelly’s spot is wonderful so I know it gets booked up quickly. She also has some other really cute places in the area that I would for sure check out after renting this bungalow for the night!

Shelly’s Airbnb Profile

That’s all for this one, my lovelies. Make sure you check back soon because there are a few wonderful posts I’m working on about our time in Wilmington with some outstanding pictures taken by Caleb! You won’t want to miss any of it.

See ya soon,

Paige <3


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