My Top Wedding Planning Tips

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I’m back today with some real life information for you guys. I actually had a totally different blog post planned and typed out (Disneyland Deaths), but my website crashed and didn’t save ANY of my work I had done on that post, so I decided just to save that for a later date since it is a TON of work. Today we are going to talk about my top wedding planning tips!

As many of you know I’m in the midst of planning a wedding for my fiancé and I, but our day(s) are going to be a bit different than what most would consider a traditional wedding day. So I’m going to start off by telling you a little bit about what Caleb and I are doing for our “wedding” , and then we will get into my top tips for wedding planning!

Caleb proposed to me on October 4th, 2017 in a spot that is very special to us, and I didn’t expect it at all. Of course we had been together almost 5 years and we had gone to look at rings and talked about marriage and a life together, but never ever did I expect that day to come so soon. Before Caleb proposed we had planned a vacation for us this summer to go out to Colorado since it’s one of our favorite places. After Caleb proposed I got the crazy idea to make that trip a time for us to elope and be on our honeymoon. Surprisingly to me, Caleb was on board, and so started the planning. Long story short, for our elopement in Colorado it will be a day just for Caleb and I to spend together and then continue on our honeymoon out there. We will come back mid May, and in mid June we are going to throw an “elopement celebration” for all of our family and friends. Think of this as the wedding that includes everything except for a wedding ceremony.

With all of that being said, let’s get into my top tips for planning an elopement, wedding, or reception! (These are in no particular order)


~ Do What Makes You Happy

-Guys, this is something I CANNOT stress enough. It is so so so important to be selfish for this one time in your life. Don’t worry about what others will think, how they are going to feel, or their opinions on what you should do. Your wedding day is a day for you and your fiancé, and that’s all you need to worry about! This is why Caleb and I decided to elope. If I had it my way there wouldn’t be any “elopement celebration” at all and we would just be done with it all after we eloped. Of course, this is just what is best for us, so you do you, girl (or guy)! The main point of this tip is to help y’all understand that IT IS OKAY TO BE A BRIDEZILLA. IT IS OKAY TO DO THINGS THAT YOU WANT TO DO. IT IS OKAY TO MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY. THIS IS YOUR DAY!!!


~ Set A Budget/Budgeting

This is a tip that’s really important. Of course right off the bat you won’t know exactly how much you can spend, but spend some time thinking about it. Set a round about price that you would like to stay under and then work from there finding vendors that work for you and are in your price range. I’d say the things I would spend the most money on are the videographer (if you choose to have one) and the photographer. These are the people that are going to give you the lasting and tangible memories for the rest of your life. Things that people spend a lot on that I think is a bit unnecessary are paying large amounts for a wedding dress and floral arrangements. I found my wedding dress at a consignment shop and I couldn’t have found anything more perfect. I think shopping at a consignment store for you dress is at least somewhere you should start with. You can at least get an idea of the style of dress you would like and if they don’t have the perfect one move on to somewhere else. I purchased my dress at Valeries Treasure Chest in Powdersville, South Carolina. As for flowers, people can spend a ton of money on this. I know a few who have, and each of them have told me it’s just better to do it all yourself! Purchase your own bulk flowers and throw a flower arrangement part for your bridesmaids and some family members a few days before the wedding, and DIY those flowers, girl!!!


~ Start A Wedding Journal/Use A Planning App

Not only do I suggest starting a wedding journal or using an app for something you can look back on for memories, but it also gives you a way to keep everything wedding related in one place and helps to keep you semi-sane. I have my bullet journal that I use to write down some wedding related things, and I do most of my “wedding planning” in an app and website called WeddingWire! I highly recommend using this as it helps so so much, but steer clear of the forums and asking people questions on there. People are rude and tend to insert their opinion in a not so nice way while telling you that everything your planning is wrong. Just my experience.


~ Find A Theme

This might seem a bit trivial, but it helps you so much with a lot of the things that need to be planned. Finding a theme and sticking to it will help you find the right venue, order invitations that match, get the correct decorations, ordering a cake, and also helps you decide what rentals you will need to purchase! Finding a theme is VERY important.


~ Gather your wedding “A-Team”

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, PEOPLE! If you don’t have people supporting you and helping you plan and execute your wedding then you are going to feel SOOOO much stress. I don’t have much family down here so this is something I was incredibly worried about, but my cousins Andrea and Britiney are QUEENS. They are for sure people you’d want on your Wedding A-Team! Caleb’s family has also been incredibly helpful, and my dad is extremely supportive. You’re wedding “A-Team” will help you make decisions, steer you in the right direction while keeping you happy, and provide you with endless help and support! Find people who are willing to help, able to help, and people who aren’t going to get upset if the Bridezilla comes out. Because trust me…. it does.


~ Keep The Guest List Small

You can’t worry about hurting peoples feelings. A larger guest list means a lot more money for you to spend. The less people the less food, rentals, and space you need to order and pay for. (Is this selfish? maybe.) Also remember you want your wedding day to be filled with people you love and care for and those who love and care for you and your spouse!


~ Try Not To Procrastinate

I’ve been doing so well with this. I haven’t procrastinated on any thing thus far and I hopefully will continue on this streak. As soon as Caleb and I became engaged we took time to soak it all in and then the planning began. The quicker you decide what you need, how you want things to be, and all the little bits and bobs that go along with wedding planning you can start saving and get everything together and settled. Not procrastinating tends to keep you a bit more sane as well. Remember to have a bit of fun with the planning though, don’t think of planning as a chore.


~ Higher A Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator

This is a tip I gathered from being in Caleb’s cousin Hannah’s wedding and from watching his brothers. A day of coordinator is somebody who keeps the ball rolling, the party going, and gets the wedding stuff done. A wedding planner on the other hand will help you through you’re whole process of wedding planning, but in my opinion a Day of Coordinator is absolutely perfect if you have a wedding “A-Team”.  IF YOU DON’T AT LEAST HAVE A DAY OF COORDINATOR NOBODY KNOWS WHAT TO DO OR WHEN TO DO IT. Hannah and Marybeth’s wedding both went very well because they had a Day of Coordinator keeping the wedding and reception moving.


~ Don’t Plan Your Own Wedding Showers

One of the most liberating experiences, besides paying off wedding bills, has been telling people how I want my showers, and who I want to be there, and then having them plan it, send invitations, and worry about all the nitty gritty stuff. I don’t even think people usually plan their own wedding showers, but just incase you were thinking about it I’d advise against it because that’s just one more thing for you to stress about.


~ Try Not To Stress

This is a task that is really hard to accomplish, but I advise you to try your best not to stress. I know this is difficult because I’m currently stressing over a lot of things pertaining to the wedding, but please do remember to have a bit of fun. Don’t take this process to seriously. If you have a week full of really stressful wedding stuff end it with a fun wedding task like purchasing a few decorations or trying on your wedding dress, or even just forget about the stress and reward yourself with dinner out for you and your spouse!

I’m sure I could go on and on with tips and tricks for you guys, but I believe those are the main bits of advice I have from my experience wedding planning. Of course if you have any specific questions pertaining to wedding planning or honestly anything wedding related feel free to leave them below and I will give them my best answer. I’d also love to get feedback and advice from y’all about some of your go-to wedding tips!

I’ll see you back here soon with another post. Thanks for stopping by, giving this post a read, and thank you always for your continuing support.



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