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We talked a bit about some of the changes that arecoming to this website, but today we are going to get into one of those changes I was talking about. Today we are going to talk a bit about a fairly recent criminal case that you all requested, and a case that I’m a bit amazed by and kind of confused by as well. One thing to keep in mind is there has been a mass amount of FALSE INFORMATION that started circulating around as soon as this case was introduced to the internet world. This post is going to talk about the FACTS of the case and then my opinion on what I think went on and also some questions I have about these facts. Like I said, I’m still a bit confused. I’ll be leaving the toxicology and autopsy report below as well as two videos that give a lot of information on the case, however both of these videos have different time stamps  attached to them…

Let’s get this settled first. Her name is Kenneka Jenkins NOT “Freezer Teen”. Regardless of how she died she should be remembered by her name not by the manner of her death. It disgusted me when I saw that The Daily Mail decided to call her “Freezer Teen” because it made for a good headline. In my opinion, that’s completely unacceptable. Now that we have that straight, we can get into the  order propranolol uk closed case of Kenneka Jenkins death.

Kenneka Jenkins was a 19 year old female from Chicago, Illinois who lived with and was very close to her mother Tereasa Martin. Recently Kenneka had been offered, and took, a job working in a nursing home, and this night was supposed to be a night to celebrate this accomplishment with some friends and acquaintances, but clearly it didn’t end up the way everybody had planned.

purchase prednisone for dogs Pause: before we get any further into the life and death of Kenneka, let me just explain that the timeline of this case is very iffy and even though there are good ideas about the times in which things took place there still is a bit of leeway due to the fact that most of the case was figured out using time stamps from the hotel cameras, which aren’t too accurate. Along with the time line being a bit strange, the cameras in the hotel are also motion activated, which means they wouldn’t turn on until somebody ended up in their frame. Just know the timeline I’m giving you could be off by an hour or two in either direction. Everybody is reporting times differently, and I don’t know if I can even believe the police reports at this time.

On September 8th of 2017, Kenneka Jenkins asked her mother to use the car so she could go out with a group of friends. It wasn’t specified that they were going to a hotel party/hangout, so Kenneka was told she could take the car and her and her group of girl friends left for the hotel around 11:30. They ended up at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, on the 9th floor, with a room full of nearly 30 people. There are tons of “snapchat” videos of that night where you can see people hanging out, people partying, and clearly a lot of drinking and possible drug use happening. This is where most of the rumors stemmed from I believe. Kenneka was NOT in fact sold by her friends to a gang for $200. That’s an unfortunate story that ended up all over social media, however, it’s a theory that isn’t true. In a few of these videos, (I’ll link a you tubers video about all of this who is very credible where you can see actual clips I’m speaking of), you can see Kenneka and she doesn’t seem to be insanely drunk or high and in fact she doesn’t even have a drink in her hand at that time.

Now don’t get me wrong, the toxicology report ended up showing that she did in fact have alcohol and a prescription drug that was used recreationally in her system, but let’s save that for later.

This is really the start of where the timeline for this case gets very confusing. Times are being reported differently by everybody, and it’s hard to tell if the hotel cameras had the timestamp correct or not. The first footage we have of Kenneka and her friends is around 1:15am or 2:15am on September 9th, and at this point none of the girls look anywhere close to being super messed up. Now from the research I’ve done, based on the stories that have been told to the police this is then when Kenneka realized she left her phone and her keys in the hotel room, but I have two problems with this:

1.) In the footage you see of the girls at 1:15am you can see that Kenneka clearly has her phone and her keys in her hands as she is walking with her fiends through the Lobby of the Hotel.

2.) The next problem I have with this is that Kenneka had a phone call with her sister around 1:30am and it’s reported that Kenneka sounded completely fine and not in any way intoxicated.

Now I know what you’re thinking, maybe this was footage of them getting to the hotel and walking up to the room.  My answer to that; why would it have taken the girls that long to get to the hotel? They left the house at 11:30 and there’s a very slim chance it would have taken until 1:15 to get there and walk in. However, the police seem to believe based on video footage that I will link below that this is in fact the time when they entered the hotel, which could be totally possible. Maybe they stopped to pick up drinks or drugs or made some pit stop on the way there. I’m not saying it’s not possible, just a bit confusing.

So let’s get back to what they say happened. The girls went up to get Kenneka’s keys and phone for her while, leaving her in the hallway. (once again, something that makes absolutely no sense considering it’s HER phone and keys). The next footage we see of Kenneka is 1 hour later. In the security camera footage you see her walking out of an elevator by herself, visibly under the influence and finding it hard to walk.

Pause: if the previous video footage was of her walking into the hotel then how did she manage to get that intoxicated in less than a 1 hour period? Maybe they were taking shots and mixed that with pills? Also where is the video footage of when her friends left her out in the hallway to go retrieve HER keys and phone back in the room on the 9th floor?

The floor she was on in this footage where she is walking out of the elevator is a part of the hotel that isn’t even in use currently. It’s under construction and there aren’t supposed to be people in that area. You see Kenneka stumbling and looking around for a while before walking in the direction of the camera. Like I said, in all of this footage you can clearly tell she is not in the right state of mind, but in my opinion as she gets closer to the camera you can see her moving her hands left to right, kind of pointing, and holding her head like she’s trying to think what is going on…

During the time this footage was taken, her friends are reported to have been looking for her all over the hotel, but eventually decided to call Kenneka’s mother around 4:34am and let her know where they were, what they had been doing, stated Kenneka only had one cup to drink, and that they now couldn’t find her after searching for two hours. Mrs. Martin then got herself together and decided to get to the hotel in Rosemont. After talking to hotel staff and being told they couldn’t do anything unless she got the cops involved, Mrs. Martin called 911 and informed them thoroughly of the situation. The person who answered didn’t seem in a rush or very quick to believe Tereasa, in my opinion, and in fact asked if she thinks Kenneka could have just went somewhere else. He then tells her that she needs to wait a certain amount of time to file a missing persons report; however, this IS NOT A LAW. If you have reason to believe a person is hurt, in danger, or missing you DO NOT have to wait any certain amount of time for a missing persons report to be file. PLEASE KEEP THIS INFORMATION IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND. Due to the fact that Kenneka’s mother truly thought there was nothing she could do at this point since the cops weren’t even helping her, a missing persons report wasn’t filed until the next day, meaning the video footage was not found until the next day when the search started. The most interesting and important footage they find is of Kenneka walking into a kitchen that is currently not in use. This footage is so important because, yes, it does show Kenneka walking through this kitchen, but it never shows her actually getting into the freezer. I’m not sure if it was after they saw this footage or if it was just by chance, but around 12:30am on September 10th a hotel staff member can be seen on camera heading straight towards the freezer and then head right out of the kitchen. The thing I question about this is why is he holding that huge key ring on the way back through the camera footage? I’ll insert that video from the Chicago Tribune website down below as well. But back to the key ring… if he had to use that to open the freezer door that means that after Kenneka “walked into the freezer” it had to have been locked behind her. I also really think that he just went up there “by chance”,  because if the police would have reviewed the footage and thought “Oh maybe she’s in the freezer” a police officer most likely would have accompanied that staff member to the unused kitchen. Once again, these are just thoughts that went through my head after watching this video footage. Like I said in the beginning, this is all a bit confusing and kind of fishy to me. The officer then comes into the kitchen and relays the information that he has found Kenneka in the freezer, and, in his words, she is “frozen solid”. I just find it odd that he went up there on his own at first….. I don’t know. Maybe I’m looking into things too much, but the whole “searching and finding” of Kenneka seems a bit off to me. I also find it odd that the freezer in the part of a hotel that was under construction and not in use was turned on when everything else wasn’t…

One thing I’d like to pop in right here is that I believe if the police would have went ahead and started searching as soon as her mother called them the first time I firmly believe Kenneka would still be alive today due to the fact that tapes would have been checked earlier.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about what happened after they found Kenneka. Apparently her mother was denied the option to see her daughter as soon as they found her. They said she couldn’t go up there due to it being a crime scene when all Kenneka’s mother wanted were clear answers. She wanted to see for herself how her child looked, where she was, and what exactly was going on. The next thing they did really kind of aggravates me, and maybe I just don’t know everything about how the process works when you find a person dead in a freezer, but they decided to defrost the whole freezer before removing her body or checking for any evidence…. Does that seem odd to any of you? because I would imagine once the freezer is defrosted the crime scene then changes and no longer contains any of the “evidence” there might have been due to the change in temperature. Does what I’m saying make any sense? I’m not sure how valid this thought of mine is, but once again, it’s just something that crossed my mind. Like maybe the fact that once everything was defrosted a fingerprint, that might have been there, could have been ruined from the condensation after them defrosting the freezer.

If you’re a bit squeamish or don’t like the idea of seeing crime scene photos you may want to skip this next part because before I talk about how her body looked, was laying, and any injuries on her body I’d like to show you the pictures of the crime scene so you can get a better idea of what I’m going to mention. So look away now, or scroll fast so you don’t have to see the body if you can’t deal with things of this nature, however I think this is important to understand my thoughts and ideas on the case.

The family believes these photos raise more questions about her death than answers, and I think I’d have to agree with them. You can see Miss. Jenkins lying face down in the corner of this dirty freezer with her pants partially pulled down, (you can see in video footage her pants seemed to be high waisted and in the photo where she is found they are just below where her butt begins), dirt all over her, her hair wet and matted, her right shoe thrown off and flung away from her and cuts on her right foot. First things first, why was her body in this condition???? I firmly believe if she would have just walked into that freezer and died trying to get out she would have looked very similar to the way in which she entered that freezer. Clean clothes, brushed out hair, and no injuries. However, let’s go through and see if we can try to understand or have some sort of answers to why her body would have looked like this. Let’s talk about her clothing first. You can tell the freezer is dirty and has trash everywhere, so it is possible that if she decided to finally lay down and succumb to her death that the flooring could have made her clothes dirty. As far as her shoe being flung off, her pants sagging down a bit, and the cut on her ankle, it’s possible that this could have all been due to the fact that she was struggling trying to do anything and everything she could to get out of the freezer. However, I find this hard to believe considering in the last picture (above) you can see the emergency door knob that would have been glowing and allowed her a way out of the freezer, but if she was as intoxicated as it looked she may not have known to pull the door knob and let herself out; once again, something I find hard to believe. ALSO, if she was so intoxicated to the point that she couldn’t find that glowing circle and let herself out how in the world did she open that heavy freezer door to allow her to get in? You see where I’m going with this? Hardly any of it makes sense to me.

Now I said I was going to stick to facts, but I’d like to put in a bit of a conspiracy about this case… I had seen footage when this case first became an internet sensation of a hotel staff member walking through this kitchen rolling a cart that had a large black trash bag that looked to be full on the bottom rack. You can see in the 2nd and 3rd pictures that there is a piece of a black trash bag laying next to Kenneka and it’s also reported that she had a small piece of a black trash bag on some of her fingernails… I don’t know… take this and think what you want. Like I said this isn’t “actual” evidence of anything and it’s nothing that can be proved, but since then I can’t even find the video of that hotel staff member walking through the kitchen. It was even reported that nobody had been in that kitchen since August 30th, but I’d like to find that footage again and look at the time stamp and date… It just seems to me that things are being covered up or put on the hush hush in this case and I don’t like how it feels.

So this is pretty much where the case becomes closed. On October 6th of 2017 the autopsy report from the Cook County medical examiner comes back and declares that Kenneka Jenkins died a tragic and untimely death due to Hypothermia with an addition to alcohol and a prescription medication known to treat epilepsy as contributing factors to her death.

I don’t know what to think, I don’t know how to feel, I don’t know what else should have or could have happened, I just know I’m confused and I don’t think Kenneka’s family has been given the full story. It could be exactly as they said, but there is enough evidence to at least call some of the official story into question.mI urge you to do a bit of research for yourself and see if you come up with anything different than what I have or any valuable information I have missed. Please feel free to leave all of your thoughts, comments, concerns, ideas, or questions down below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I doubt anybody in her family will read this, but I’d like to send out my deepest condolences and all of my love to her family. This is truly a tragic case and I can’t imagine being in Kenneka’s shoes or her family’s. I know that most teenagers have sneaky parties and drunken nights at some points, but you never expect something so terrible to come out of it. My thoughts are with anybody affected by this case.



Extra information: 

Video footage and Story by Chicago Tribune

Kenneka’s Autopsy and Toxicology reports

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  1. Yo you have to keep these up. Its so refreshing. Major news outlets really disgust me lately. Titleing pieces just for click bait. Giving bias stories all the way through. Its so hard to find out facts anymore because stories are so biased. I loved how investigative and thorough this was. I loved how clear and transparent you were when it was opinion instead of fact.

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