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You read the title and it’s nearing the very end of the month, so you all know what this means. I’m here today to bring you a two poems from the brain of Caleb Alexander. Once again, I’ve really enjoyed reading both of these pieces and I hope you all do as well. Be sure to read through to the bottom of the post to find Caleb’s social media information.

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On another note make sure you are checking back here regularly during the month of December,  because I will be posting a new blog every day some of which will be very new concepts for me and very exciting for you all! Also, Caleb’s poetry for December will be focused on the holidays, so get ready for that!

Let’s get on into this month’s poetry from Caleb Alexander.

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Avendale is not a very large city; nor is it very interesting. Bobby McNaman died last year when he fell off the train trestle trying to impress some girl, and 8 months later, that is still the biggest news that has happened in all that time. Cynthia, I think was her name. Darling gal really; I’m sure she would have liked him fine without the showmanship. Everyone knows how young love vying for a lover’s attention can be though. Foolish, some might say, and the older I get, the more I agree with them. Grace is a young man’s game. However, I still remember what it was like to be that age. I think others have forgotten. Jessica, my wife, didn’t seem to empathize at all with Bobby’s situation. Knowing how she used to be, and the risks we used to take, I was surprised to see her react that way. Love is strange, for Bobby, for Jessica and I. Most of the time you can’t really explain why you’re doing what you’re doing, be it tight-roping a train trestle, or watching television for the 5th night in a row because that’s what you call quality time these days. No one tells you about that part. Or about how one day you’ll wake up, and even though you’re right beside her, she won’t be your first thought anymore, and you won’t be hers. Please don’t misunderstand; I still love her very much, but it’s different now. Quiet time with myself is sometimes preferred to time spent with her and our family. Remember this conversation when you’re as old as I am; I know you are judging me right now. “Selfish old man;” you’re thinking to yourself. Time does strange things to people. Used to, we would write little notes to one another and leave them around the house, sometimes in places we knew they’d be seen quickly, sometimes in places they wouldn’t visit for months, like the drawer that has the extra batteries in it. Vows and verses and hellos and how are yous were hiding all over this old house. We could probably still find them in an old box somewhere. Yellowed and dingy leaflets that have been worn just as much by time as I have. Zipped lips and uncomfortable hand holding while we watch advertisements in between crappy television, that’s what you have in your future; at least Bobby still had fire in his eyes.


“yeah, yeah, we’re all impressed you went to college once”

Astral projections of invalid connections

Harmless pedantries

Circular arguments don’t solve 3 dimensional problems

Glassy eyed conversations don’t invoke love
I need you to see me standing under a waterfall (in the moss of course)

Yawping barbarically

And you would find it so charming
Instead, I pour another beer,

Sit on a weathered couch and

unsuccessfully fight off the urge to widen the chasm between us

Every word I say causes you to retreat further into the distance of self
Maybe if I had stepped across sooner,

Or built a bridge piece by piece along the way,

I wouldn’t be throwing notes wrapped around stones

And watching them fall harmlessly into a Nietzschean abyss

That does nothing but stare back


That’s all for November’s poetry post! I hop you all enjoyed! Be sure to follow Caleb’s social media listed below because he posts exclusive poems on each of those social media sites. Don’t forget to keep up with the blog for posts every day in December, and leave comments below if there is anything specific you would like to see in those posts!

Bye for now!

social media information

Caleb Alexander:

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Tumblr- eventherain17

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