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Hey everybody!

I’m sorry for the bit of a break, but things got a little bit rough for a second so I needed to take some time to myself. I was MEGA stressed, but I’m back and ready to give y’all what you wanted with a little something extra.

Today, I’m going to be giving y’all the outfit of the day you’ve requested and also a little bit of a travel photo diary of a day trip Caleb and I went on!

Once again, all photos were taken by Caleb! Make sure to give his media page a follow on Instagram @mcguiresmedia and contact him for any photography/videography needs you may have. Also be sure to click the link in his instagram bio to check out the interviews he’s conducted with some super cool people!

Let get right on into the post.

A week or two ago on Sunday Caleb and I took a short trip up to Stumphouse Tunnel in Walhalla to see what it was all about! Caleb needed some photos for school and I needed an outfit post for y’all (this post), so Stumphouse Tunnel is where we ended up!

Let’s start off with the OOTD since that’s what you’ve all been requesting.

don’t mind the wet spots on my skirt. we got caught in the POURING rain.

For the outfit I started off that morning knowing I wanted something flowy, comfortable, and loose because it was supposed to be in the higher 90’s for that day. On top I went with a navy and white striped dress that I tied up into a knot at the center of my belly. I purchased this great dress at Goodwill…of course. For the bottom half I went with a maxi-skirt I pulled out of the archives. I hadn’t worn this baby for about 2 years, and I can’t even remember where I purchased it from. The only negative I have about this skirt is the top band is so thick it really squishes in your stomach almost like a corset and it gets painful after the full day. For shoes I went with some sandals I had thrifted from Goodwill as well. They’re from the brand Papillio and are in near perfect condition. I finished off the look with a Kendra Scott necklace that’s super delicate and perfect for everyday wear!

One thing I do have to say is if you plan on going to Stumphouse Tunnel and you’re not taking outfit pictures for a blog or something important, DRESS IN HIKING CLOTHES. The walk up to the tunnel isn’t bad at all, but sandals aren’t ideal for the walk and there are a ton of cool places after the tunnel to hike around and catch the view of some waterfalls along the way!

Now let’s talk about the trip itself.

If you’re leaving to go on this trip from the easley/piedmont area it takes about an hour or so to get right up to the tunnel. The drive is pretty beautiful and like I said it’s not too far at all. It’s a fee of two dollars per vehicle to park, but it helps support the park area, and $2 for the view and the experience is so worth it in my eyes! There’s a lot of history on the tunnel that you can find HERE, and it’s all extremely interesting so make sure you give it a read before you take the trip up because it makes it so much more special!

Caleb got a really cool photo of a woman in front of us that was also viewing the glory of the tunnel

As I said before, we got caught in the rain which was kind of a really negative part of the trip for me and Caleb, but once it stopped and we were able to get back to the tunnel it made it even cooler in my eyes.

The tunnel itself is completely pitch black so you need a flashlight, or phone light when you’re walking through, but on top of that be sure to watch your step especially if it is raining or has previously rained because the bottom of the tunnel fills with a bit of water. There is a constant stream of water falling from the side of the tunnel walls that you can kind of see in the picture above.

The four picture above were all taken at the end of the tunnel were they’ve placed a large iron gate so nobody can get through due to falling rocks, but it’s actually super creepy and I was a bit nervous to get so close to it because of how dark it is and the fact that you literally can not see a thing past the gate even though the iron bars are placed far enough apart to look through.

p.s. there is word of the tunnel being a bit haunted and I do have to say that Caleb caught something on camera that can’t possibly be anything but an orb. But take that as you may I don’t know your views on the afterlife or haunted spaces. If you want to see the picture leave me a comment down below and I’ll upload it to my instagram @locatinglifestyle!

That’s all for today, pals. Check back soon because I have some rad blog posts planned out for the month of August. Like always leave me any comments, suggestions, or blog post ideas in the comment section below! I’d love to hear from y’all (:

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