Everyday: 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hey pals,

I’ve noticed recently there are a few things that have been making me VERY happy and I thought I would share them with you all. There were quite a few of you from twitter saying that you really want to read about this so here I am bringing it to you! If you aren’t following me on twitter go on over and follow @locatingstyle to keep up with my random thoughts, interact more with me, and to let me know what you want to read over here through answering my polls.

Now let’s get right on into the top 10 things that are currently keeping my heart happy .

1.) Spending My Weekends with Caleb

-Many of you know that since I’ve moved I only get to spend time with Caleb on the weekends. This is the one thing I look forward to all week and the one thing that keeps me semi-happy during the long week. Knowing that on the weekend we have lots of time to be together and do fun things.

2.) Cuddling with Deilia

-Deilia is my Boxer/Greyhound mix of a pup and I absolutely adore her. While she does get on my nerves a bit she is the NUMBER ONE thing that keeps me happy and mentally healthy. I had to come home without her the other night because they were spraying for bugs in my apartment and I slept so terribly without her. I didn’t know what to do with myself.  She’s definitely a necessity in my happiness.

3.) Building Legos

-If you follow me on snapchat, @callahanpn, you will know that I’m infatuated legos. They are something that keeps my mind active, my hands busy, and my anxiety at bay, so it’s the perfect activity for me when I have a bit of free time. It really does lift my spirits and it’s super fun to build stuff!

4.) Coming Home After a Day of Work 

-THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD is coming home after a day at work and knowing you can take a shower, cook a meal, lay in bed and just relax. I’m my most happy when I know I have nothing to do and I can do whatever I please. After work is the best time for this.

5.) Cooking a Good Meal

-Cooking a good meal makes me feel fabulous. Everything from preparing the dish, cooking it up, and then eating it makes me feel a bit of joy. Not to mention cooking a meal is a great way to wind down and is better for your body than getting takeout. One of my favorites to make recently is carbonara. I’ll be sure to write up a post soon about the recipes I’ve been using religiously. If you’re interested just let me know in the comments.

6.) Spending Lunch Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Stephanie and Dexter

-I’m pretty positive all of you know how hard it is for me to make friends and how much I struggle with talking to people and even hanging out with other humans. However, I’m very excited that I started talking to Stephanie and Dexter from my Writing for Broadcasting class and now we spend almost every Tuesday and Thursday hanging out and eating lunch. Sometimes I even cook our lunch for that day which also makes me very happy.

7.) Sunny Days with Mild Temperatures

-Self explanatory. I love days where I can walk outside and not worry about what I’m wearing. It’s so nice to walk outside with no shoes and your comfy clothing and to bask in the glory of the sun and the nice weather. Being outside in general is something that makes me pretty happy and is part of the reason I have mountains tattooed on my forearm.

8.) Watching Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix

-Okay, people. Please if you haven’t watched this yet and enjoy corky, funny, mysterious, Netflix shows this is the one for you. This show has really stupidly funny parts and it makes me giggle on the regular so I had to include it in here. I’ve finished the first season, but I will definitely re-watch this series on the days I’m feeling a bit sad or under the weather.

9.) Gran. Everything about Gran

-Calebs Gran can put me in the best mood no matter what I’m feeling. You can see everything I admire about her in THIS POST. She’s the sweetest, most caring, funniest soul I’ve ever met. I love her.

10.) Getting a Solid Nights Sleep

-This isn’t only really important for you to be able to function and feel good physically throughout the day, but it’s EXTREMELY important for your mental health. Getting enough sleep at night really can switch up how you view things through the day, how you deal with adversities thrown at you, and even the activities you partake in during the day. I’m in a 100% better mood when I get a good nights rest and it really does help me stay in a great place mentally and physically.

That’s that. The 10 things that are making me the happiest right now. Hopefully you can pick up a few of throughout your daily routine to make yourself even the smallest bit happier. I’d love to know what keeps you all happy throughout your days, so be sure to comment below how you keep your spirits up and stay your happiest!

See you soon (:

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    1. Baby Cuddles are always the best cuddles (: Also, I had no clue you had a blog!!! I’l love to hear more about it! Email or message me sometime, girl!!!

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