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44 thoughts on “Blogmas: Most Popular Post Update- Artist Wyatt Zingarelli GIVEAWAY (Day11)

  1. Fiya fiya! Life the article. Shouts to my boy what for crushing it continually of the fresh threads. Huge fan. Have three hats from him now and they get better every time! Keep it treal yung Wy!

    1. I’m such a fan of the camo too! Everything he’s been creating has been amazing! Thank you for entering and best of luck!

    1. i just wanted to comment on how cool he is. but i would so dig a hat like the first one pictured. it’s simple and you can style it so many different ways. btw ily

  2. Velcro strap hats are great, i think finding a different way to incorporate velcro other than in a “strap” form would be dope! Fabic/style could be anything. Wyatt’s choices are always prime

  3. Hey! Congrats Wyatt! It’s been forever, but I see you’re doing big things!! I’d love one in black and white…or even black, white and gray.

  4. Hey wyatt havent seen you in a while so just to get started, i really enjoy your work!! Youre doing amazing and id love to see a suede hat i think thatd be totally sweet! Good luck with your buisness hope all is well:)

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