Blogmas: Mill Exploration Update (Day5)

Welcome back to Blogmas, friends!

Today we’re going to be abandoning the Christmas spirit, just for today, to take a peek back at a mill I have already explored and presented to you all through a post! The mill we’re going to be revisiting is The Pendleton Oil Mill! We’re taking a look back at this mill specifically because just recently almost all of the buildings have fallen down on themselves, and I’ve also managed to get into some of the buildings! I’m not going to be giving you much information in this post since I’ve already given you a rundown in the last post LINKED HERE, so we’ll just get straight to the pictures and I’ll throw in some bits I have to say every once in a while!

Strap yourself in for this ride! There are TONS of pictures you’re about to be viewing.

Let’s get to exploring!

 20161102_114642 20161102_115417 20161102_115750 20161102_122047 20161102_122201

***All photos above this come from the main brick building of the mill. We found out a little extra bits about this building like the fact that it was home to Fibertech Corporation after the mill had closed down.***

20161102_123134 20161102_123239 20161102_123505 20161102_123517 20161102_123609 20161102_123620 20161102_123631 20161102_123703 20161102_123714 20161102_123723

***The 6 photos above come out of the office of the mill where EVERYTHING has been left. It’s just like you walked back into time when you went in this building***

20161102_124726 20161102_124810 20161102_124912 20161102_124925 20161102_125043 20161102_125047 20161102_125430 20161102_125451 20161102_125541 20161102_125552 20161102_125817 20161102_130741 20161102_130746 20161102_130814 20161102_131028 20161102_131554 20161102_131621 20161102_131719 20161102_131733 20161102_131815 20161102_131842 20161102_131927 20161102_132026 20161102_132129 20161102_132424 20161102_132442

***Quick little note: The photos from here down are in the actual brick building of the mill, mentioned in the first few photos. I found out after the mill it had actually turned into a fiberglass manufacturer that took part in building some really huge structure throughout the buy propecia in canada WORLD!***

img_3311 img_3313 img_3321 img_3322

***Somehow some of the electricity and lights were still working***

img_3327 img_3329 img_3336 img_3339 img_3340 img_3343 img_3345 img_3352

***We had plans to go up to the second floor but as you can see right after the top of the stairs and to the left the whole upper floor was starting to fall in on itself.***

img_3357 img_3360 img_3363 img_3366 img_3367 img_3369 img_3376 img_3380

Well friends, that’s all I have for today! I’d like to give a shoutout to Landon and Caleb for taking on this exploration with me! Like always please obey No Trespassing signs, and if you ever do go into any abandoned places PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER DEFACE THE PROPERTY. You’re walking into history, don’t ruin it!

I’d love to hear if you’ve been here before, have any stories of the place, or if you know anybody who used to work here! Let me know all the details you have down below!!!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for another Blogmas post, there are tons of exciting holiday posts to come!!

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