Blogmas: Meet Our New Puppy-The Furry Friend Tag (Day18)

Hey, pals! Happy Day 18 of Blogmas!!!

Today we are going to be talking a bit about something that has made me extremely happy during this Holiday Season. As most of you know, unfortunately on November 30th Caleb and I, along with my whole family, had to make the very hard decision to put Caleb and I’s first baby to sleep. Many of you knew Myles and he was literally one of the best things that had ever happened in my life, but because he went paralyzed due to a few medical conditions we were unable to to come up with the money for the surgery and we were told we had to put him down. Although this is a really awful situation and we never would have thought we would have had to do that we have found a bit of light in the terrible.

A week after we had to put Myles down I took a trip to the humane society with the toddler I nanny because we were both having a bit of a bad day, and I figured some puppies might cheer us up! I had no intention of getting a new baby for Caleb and myself that day, but when I saw  this little lady I knew I could never put her back in that cage.

That’s right, as you’ve read in the title, today I’m going to be introducing you to Caleb and I’s new pup through this Furry Friend tag!

Let’s hop right in.


buy antabuse tablets Q1: What is your pets name? 

-Our little ladies name is Deilia. Pronounced: Deal-Ya! 

We decided on this name because one of the first names I wanted was Chordeilia, but Caleb thought it was too long, so after going through tons of other names Caleb mentioned we should just shorten Chordeilia to Deilia and that was that! (Funny enough there’s a town near my hometown called Delia)

where can i buy dapoxetine hydrochloride Q2: What kind of pet do you have and what is their breed? 

-Deilia is obviously a dog. I was told by the humane society that she was full Boxer, but the vet office begs to differ. They won’t tell me what they think she’s mixed with because they can’t be 100% sure, but I heard one of the Vet Techs talking in the back and she was very sure that she is mixed with a Weenie Dog. I’m not too sure what I think she’s mixed with.

Q3: How long have you had your pet friend? 

-I adopted Deilia on December 3rd and I surprised Caleb with her that night!

Q4: How did you get your pet? 

-Like I mentioned previously I rescued little lady from the Greenville Humane Society (Which I 100% recommend using for any of your pet needs/adoptions) Once again, I wasn’t prepared to rescue a puppy that day, obviously, because I was nannying, so when I fell in love with Deilia (whose name was Gemma at the time) I had to have Caleb’s Aunt come and pick her up for me due to the fact that the shelter wouldn’t hold her until I got off of work. HUGE THANKS AGAIN TO CALEBS AUNT FOR MAKING OUR LITTLE FAMILY POSSIBLE!

Q5: How old is your pet? 

-Deilia will be 5 months old on December 28th!

Q6: What are some quirky things about your pets personality? 

-One really weird thing that Deilia does is that when she wants my attention she won’t run around or jump on me or be overwhelming she will just go sit in my room next to her cage and wait patiently until I come in my room and see her. I call it her Home Base! She also will do this when I’m getting dressed. She’s so mild mannered and loves to sleep, which I think is super unusual for a puppy her age. She also really enjoys being with my while I blog. (Peep that in the picture below) She has to sit right in between my legs or on my belly every time I get the computer out to start typing for you all.


Q7: What does your relationship with your pet mean to you? 

-Happiness. That’s why I have Deilia. To help me through all the tough days, give me something to take care of, and to always have something around that loves and needs me. Essentially she is like my daughter. I know this sounds dramatic, but as somebody with depression and anxiety it really helps me to know I have something I have to do and take care of every day. Deilia is my everything since we don’t have Myles anymore. She goes with me EVERYWHERE and that’s just how I want it!

Q8: What are some of your favorite past times with your pet? 

-Cuddling, we cuddle ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY! (Check out the picture below; That’s how she really is all day every day) I also really enjoy playing tug of war with her because that’s the only time she gets hyper and jumps around! Another thing we both really enjoy doing is taking rides in the car.


Q9: Do you have any nickname you call your pet? 

-Since we haven’t been together that long there’s only 1 nickname I’ve been calling her, whereas Myles had about 7000. The nickname I like to call Deilia is Deiley Wheeley.  Don’t ask me how this came about because I have no clue, but I call her this everyday on the regular!

Alrighty pet lovers! That’s all I have for today’s segment of Blogmas, but I hope to see you back here tomorrow. If you would, in the comments below, let me know some of the nicknames you have for your pets! This is my favorite question because there are always so many silly answers.

Thanks for sticking around (:

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