Blogmas: Family Christmas Card Photos (Day8)

Welcome back to Blogmas!

I’m glad you’re here today, because you will be getting a sneak peak at some of the photos we took for our family Christmas card this year! I’ll link you to the same post from last year HERE. That post was published on my old blog first, so I apologize if the setup if off on this platform. Within that post you can learn all about my family and see a few of the family photos we took that year. In this post I’m simply going to be showing you the photos we took for Christmas cards, giving you all the information on the location we took them at, and giving you a little information on how I created our family Christmas Cards!

I’d like to thank Wyatt Zingarelli for taking these photos for my family, and for being an overall amazing human!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


The picture above is my absolute favorite family photo we have ever taken. All of these pictures were taken at the South Carolina Botanical Garden in Clemson, SC. This is the perfect location for any and all pictures, and if you remember THIS POST along with THIS POST were both shot in this same location.

If you’re looking to get your own photos taken here the address you can program in your GPS is 150 Discovery Lane, Clemson, SC. This should take you right to the gardens where you can park and explore the area on foot.

img_6524 img_6526 img_6531 img_6532 img_6543 img_6551

This is the first good picture Chloe and I have taken together since my first day of Kindergarten.

img_6567 img_6581 img_6582 img_6588

When it came time to make the Christmas Cards I knew the easiest thing to do would be to head to the Walmart Photo Center. (Not because I like Walmart, but because their Photo Center is simple to use and quick…we all know I hate Walmart, especially during the holidays.) They have so many simple yet beautiful layouts for Christmas cards that WON’T break your bank. All you have to do is bring in a thumb drive, cd, or phone with the photos on that device that you want to use. You will then connect that device to the photo machine and follow the directions shown. I chose three of my favorite photos, two of the whole family and the one of Chloe and I, and then found a Christmas Card with the layout I liked and put my pictures onto that design. It sounds complicated, but trust me if you follow the directions and prompts on the photo kiosk it will be a simple task. Unless you are a very indecisive person like me, then it will take you forever to decide on a layout. There are so many cute designs to choose from for only $10 per pack of 25 cards (which comes with envelopes), so it’s the perfect option for creating a quick and beautiful Christmas card!

That’s the end of the blog for today! I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peak at our family pictures and maybe this even helped you find a spot for family pictures and a simple way to get Christmas cards made! If any of you have gotten Christmas Pictures taken, or have designed your Christmas cards I would love to hear where you went and see how they look! Family pictures always make me happy to look at!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another Blogmas post!


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