Blogmas: Caleb Alexander Christmas Poetry (Day20)

Hey, poetry lovers!

Even though we are celebrating Blogmas I’ve still asked the wonderful poet, Caleb Alexander, if he would still be up for writing us a poetry post this month, and he was all for it! I gave him the challenge of creating a Christmas/Holiday themed poem since it is Blogmas. Once again he knocked it outside of the park, but I’ll let y’all decide for yourself! Make sure, like always, you follow Caleb at all of his social media links below! Here’s a picture of the man himself below incase you have no clue who the dude behind the words is.

Let’s get into this month’s Holiday Poetry from Caleb Alexander!

™,™, ™

“You’re real! You’re real! You’re real!”
He repeats on records, or
Should I say grainy
iPhone (™) recordings,
In noise cancelling headphones.

“Don’t put so many technology references,
This shit will become dated quick.”
He repeats at workshops, or
Should I say in text boxes
On web-forums, like Blackboard (™).

“What about that quote about winners
Writing history about the losers,
does that apply to devils and gods?”
He repeats at altars, or should
I say mumbles quietly as he watches a sermon
Through his Macbook (™).

“It’s just winter, everyone is sad in winter.”
He repeats in conversations, or should I
Say text messages with
His therapist. She says: “You just need
A little sunlight, or should I say a UV lamp (™).”

That’s the end of today’s poetry! Make sure you’ve been checking out all of the previous Blogmas posts and you check back here tomorrow for a brand new one. I’ll be seeing you soon!

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Caleb Alexander:

Instagram- calexanderpoetry

Tumblr- eventherain17

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