Birthday Exploration + OOTD

Hey, everybody!

I know you’ve all been wanting this post but I’ve been somewhat of a busy bee lately and I just haven’t gotten around to the blog unfortunately. I’ve been saying those words a lot lately. I should really set a schedule for writing and just stick to it, but we’ll figure that out later.

Today we’re here to talk all about the wonderful adventures my love took me on the day before my birthday. I’m also going to throw in a quick outfit of the day at the end of this post, so make sure you stick around!

First off, I’d like to let y’all know, again, that if you follow me over on snapchat you can keep up with of my daily shenanigans and get behind the scene videos from the events that you read about on here! My username for snapchat is callahanpn, but I’d like to let you know I’m not a model citizen, so don’t expect me to be an angel. With all of that said let’s get into the adventure!

Like always, please obey any “No Trespassing” signs and be very aware of you surroundings at all times while exploring!

The first place Caleb took me to was an abandoned hotel near where I live that I’ve been wanting to go in for ages!! Literally a year or two I’ve been lusting after this exploration spot and Caleb finally made it happen! I’m not going to give y’all the exact location just for the purpose of trying to keep this spot in the condition it is in now and hopefully minimize any further damage of the property. We didn’t get the best of pictures, or pictures of everything, because we were really just taking everything in, so I’ll be sure to leave youtube videos of other people who have explored this hotel.

The hotel was labeled online as an old Country Hearth Inn, but we were surprised to see when we got to the property that it was actually a Gateway Extended Stay that I believe to be owned, or once owned, by Country Hearth. (If any body has any information on this graffiti artist please let me know! I see their work all over the city and I’d love to interview them!) This is the side of one of the side buildings, and as you can tell this building in particular was very very overgrown with greenery. None of the other buildings were in this bad of shape on the outside.

Panning over a little to the right you can really see how overgrown the left building is. All those trees…there’s a whole hotel full of rooms behind that. Insane and also very beautiful. Further back you can see the beginning of the back buildings which were also only rooms for the guests, this building is what took me by surprise. I looked at the numbers on the hotel doors and with total shock I discovered this place had over 800 rooms. SO HUGE. This place was insanely large and for that reason, and others I’ll get into later, we didn’t get to explore the full hotel.

The picture above is the side of the main building where most of the rooms where located. I was really intrigued by this building because as you can see the “outside entry” rooms are still actually inside. They’re protected by a wall of glass and it was so beautiful to see overgrown and faded. I’d never seen another hotel, working or abandoned, with a feature like this.

After walking around outside we traveled to the back of the main building where we found an entry point and we made the plunge for the inside of this outstanding hotel. Caleb and I were both a little nervous due to the fact that the property was so big and all we were carrying for protection was a knife, but we went in anyway hoping we wouldn’t run into any unpleasant souls.

If you’re wondering, I physically couldn’t contain my excitement. After two years I was finally in this glorious space imagining how lively it once was and seeing it now empty, abandoned, and feeling like it held a lot of stories. That’s what I love about exploring abandoned buildings so much; the story behind them. This hotel was a place for travelers to stay, for kids to run around and splash in the pool, and a place many people called work. A place once so alive and full of energy was now nothing but a crumbling structure with walls that hold all of the memories.

After opening the large steel door that kept the hotel shut tight the first area we saw was the laundry room/housekeeping area. It was the creepiest room for me simply because it was so dark and I literally couldn’t see anything but an old bed frame sitting directly in front of me. I didn’t see the machines or these lockers until Caleb was going through his photos and showed me these two. I should have came prepared and brought a flashlight so I could have explored better.

These are the last three pictures we have of the hotel because we discovered somebody was living inside and we wanted to be safe and also not disturb them if that happened to be their home. This area was my favorite part of the hotel. This is the main building where there were many places to sit around in the lobby and eat, talk, swim, and even visit the hotel lounge or restaurant, which we didn’t get to explore. The area was so beautiful, but since we didn’t capture it all please check out this youtube video LINKED HERE where you can see the full hotel in all of it’s glory. I’m hoping to get back into this place soon and discover even more of the building and hopefully find out a bit more of the history behind the abandonment and the building itself when in operation.

Now let’s get into the OOTD!

All items, except the Forever21 high waisted denim, were thrifted from various stores like most of my outfits. I decided to keep it simple, comfortable, and practical for our day of exploring. For the top I went with a cropped vintage tee from the baltimore aquarium with the cutest marine animals on the front. I topped that off with this black and white flannel, threw on my favorite high waisted denim and polished off the look with my gray socks and cut out vintage black boots!

That’s all I have today, people. Check back soon because I’ll be posting at lest two large posts from Caleb and I’s trip to the beach this past weekend! I have a lot of other posts in the works as well, so don’t forget about me!!! <3

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