Artist In The Area: Jacob Sierra

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Today, I’m simply ecstatic to present you with another Artist from our area! Once again I was extremely happy with how the interview went down and I found all of the answers that this artist gave me absolutely brilliant! Like always Social Media will be linked below!

The artist I’m speaking of is a really swell dude by the name of Jacob Sierra! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jacob and his family for around 4 or 5 years now and they’ve played a big part in my life. In all honesty his whole family is quite talented, I’ll be sure to link all of his sisters social media at the end of the post as well, because her art is banging too! Jacob is a magnificent artist and one of the first people I thought of when the idea for this series came to mind! I was able to meet up with Jacob at his high school, Powdersville High, and talk to him a little bit about his art and everything that goes into it! Without anymore blabbering let’s get into what Jacob had to say to me!
The first question I asked Jacob, and usually the first I ask any artist is when they started to create. I was pleased that Jacob asked me to go into more detail when asking this question. He wanted to know if I meant when he started drawing and painting, or when he started to pursue art actively. This statement alone let me know the interview was off to an outstanding start! Jacob replied by telling me drawing has been a hobby of his ever since he could hold a pencil . As for pursuing art, that didn’t start until Mr. Sierra’s 10th grade of High School. I really was happy to hear the next response I got from Jacob as well; He creates art to make people happy. How pure. I’ll make this a bit easier to understand with telling you how jacob responded to my next question. “Do you have an artistic process?” I ask this to most people because I find it interesting to know the quirks people go through in order to create art. Jacobs response though, was beautiful. There was no quirk there was a story. Jacobs artistic process is an Emotional process. “I have to let my emotion flow through my hands”. once again, so pure. Everything jacob does within his art gives me such a since of peace, and purity, and joy, it’s a little bit hard to put into words. Most likely the reason I get this strong sense of these emotions is because Art is Jacobs emotional outlet. That’s what art means to him, a way to let out emotions. His emotional impulse always leads him to creating portraits. It’s his favorite piece to create and he loves being able to capture people. Jacob added, “If I know the person I’m drawing there is something so much deeper that goes into it. I put my feelings about that person in the art.”  Jacob has such a connection to the art he creates and it radiates from every corner of the piece. This emotion and connection is clearly shown in drawings of his best friend Solomon.

“Piece number 4 ‘Look to the Trees’ is a portrait of my best friend Solomon Spears, this is my favorite piece and a lot of people ask why but it’s really hard to put into words but I’m going to try. This was drawn in a important part of my life a part where I no longer hid myself behind a mask and it’s my pathway from the dark into the light of the lord, no more shame, no more hurt, no more deception. It’s of Solomon because he helped me see the light and was a living example and the Best Friend people would die for. I look to the trees for strength they are a example of the strength to endure the strength to survive, but will bend and break beneath the wight of God’s strength.”

You can find all of Jacobs work along with the explanation behind each piece on his Facebook: Jacob Sierra. Facebook is also the best way to get ahold of Jacob for an pieces you would be interested in him creating for you!

When it comes to inspiration Jacob finds the most of that inside artwork with subtlety. I about came out of my seat when I heard this because after taking my art history and appreciation class my first semester of college I began to love artwork with subtle details as well. By subtle detail Jacob simply means things within the painting that look like they have no meaning but mean something huge, or little hints within the painting that give clues to what it actually means. Jacob was sure to tell me that he loves to be able to look at a piece of art and then dive deep into the piece to find the meaning. Another big factor in Jacobs artwork is his current life situation. Jacob has been put through a lot in his life and has had to deal with things that not everybody does, and he is sure to find something in those situations that push him to create. Jacob said “I can do all of this [art] because of all of that [life situations]!” He’s so strong and positive, definitely qualities I admire.

The next response I got from Jacob gave me all of the emotions. I asked Jacob who his favorite artist was, and without hesitation he said “I don’t necessarily have a favorite artist. My classmates are my favorite artist. They don’t know I feel that way because they are always so impressed by my work and think that it’s better than theirs, but I love what they create.” Once again, so sweet, so pure, so thoughtful. So if you’re reading this and you were in Jacobs art class go ahead and pat yourself on the back because your work is beautiful and you have inspired this wonderful artist!

Speaking of Jacobs art class; this year is actually the first time he began to paint. Before his senior year Jacob was constantly drawing, and drawing well might I add. I remember going over to his house almost every weekend to spend time with his family and he always had a new drawing to show me or at least some process on a couple of drawings. I love that he was always so quick to share his art with me. Charcoal was his favorite medium to use along with pen and ink, however when Jacob started painting this year he found a new love when his teacher, Tolbert, (who also has given Jacob a lot of hope/inspiration for his art career) introduced watercolor. I’ll leave some examples of his water color, pen and ink, and charcoal work below.




As for what Jacob is doing with art now and in the future, there are big things happening. Jacob said he’s always working on something, but right now he is actually working on multiple pieces, and get this, they are all for people who have had an impact on him through his high school career, such as his bus driver and his english teacher. I just can’t get over how big Jacobs heart is, and I love that he uses his art to show his love for people. Jacob is also currently teaching three art students in his spare time. Jacob said he really enjoys doing this, but it’s tough work especially for a man so emotionally connected to his pieces and to art in general. Jacob said it’s essential that if he is going to teach somebody he has to connect with them first in order to teach them best and gage their emotions. Once again, emotions are key in Jacobs art, and I’m so happy he’s passing that down to the people he’s working with. The last question I asked Jacob had to do with where he is going from here. Where is his art taking him, and what does he hope to accomplish for himself and for others through his artwork. His answers came swiftly and brought joy to my heart. Jacob is going to SCAD in hopes to work for disney some day, a dream that Mr. Tolbert told Jacob he can without a doubt accomplish! For himself all he wishes to accomplish is simple: Emotional Release. For Others he wishes everything. Jacob hopes to inspire people with his art work and to let everybody know that they can create as long as they find their passion and channel it!

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