Artist In The Area: Anabella Ortiz

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If you missed my last “Artist In The Area” post, which talks a little about what this series is and also an up and coming rap artist,  you can find it linked HERE!

Let’s hop right on into our artist for today, Anabella Ortiz!


Anabella is a senior at Powdersville High School, her friends call her bean, her favorite food is chicken quesadillas, and when I asked her for random facts about herself the first one she spit off was, “Otters hold hands so they don’t float away!”. If these few things don’t tell you everything you need to know about Miss. Ortiz, then I don’t know what will! Except the picture below of her dedication in the beginning of her sketch book, that might give you an idea of this wonderful lady.


I was really interested in getting Anabella’s work on my blog not only because of how great her art is (drawings, paintings, sketches, etc.), but how wonderful she is as a person! Thankfully we found a little time for us both to meet up, conduct a small interview, and take a few pictures for you all. Unfortunately she had to turn in her AP art portfolio that morning, so I didn’t get to peek at any of that work. (You can find it on her instagram linked below) However,  I was able to get a look inside two of her sketch books and I have pictures to prove it!

When I asked Anabella how long she had been creating art she thought for a minute, and then replied by telling me she can’t remember when she started because she’s always done it. Her mom created art, so it was instinct for Anabella to as well. “I guess as soon as I could hold things!” That was her final answer and one that I really enjoyed to hear. It’s so beautiful to me that something can stick with a person for so long and consume their life in the most lovely way! As far as her creative process I was informed that comfort is key! Being tucked away in her bed is Anabella’s favorite way to create art. Also when on a time crunch it’s essential for her to listen to One Direction and only One Direction.  The more questions I asked the happier I became simply because her personality shines through every aspect of her life including when she’s in a time crunch and I adore it! Besides being motivated to work by the songs of One Direction Anabella finds a lot of inspiration in other art, books, and movies. Looking at other art gives her the most motivation to create her own work, and I think that’s something a lot of artist can relate to. When it comes to her creative impulse, portraits are a go-to. I was so intrigued by this because to me this seems like the most difficult and frustrating item to draw, but Anabella explained to me that she likes to have structure and a plan when she creates, and a guideline picture of somebody is the perfect place to start. Not to mention her portraits are wonderful! Take a look!





Just wonderful right? Portraits also came to play when I asked Ortiz about some of her favorite pieces she has created. Her two favorite works were both portraits; one of herself, and one of her good friend Hampton, both of which I’m sorry to say I don’t have a picture of.  When asked about a favorite medium to use, Anabella was positive it was watercolor. She touched on the fact that it was quick to create something with, but she also just really enjoys how that medium looks on paper. And as seen above, she does a brilliant job with it! I was surprised to find out that when I asked Anabella about her favorite artist she was swift to talk about the funny comics and humorous sketches she sees on tumblr and twitter instead of some famous artist that everybody knows. She absolutely adores comedy and the fact that those pieces are so simple. I’ll throw in a few of her funny pieces now for your viewing pleasure!

(Don’t worry, I’ll give a bit of background on each piece)


As stated, She was given a six word sentence to make art off of, and she was of course given the sentence that made no sense, so she decided to come up with a humorous comic to give it some background information.


“Sometimes I draw things specifically for me to write funny quotes next to them.”


Peep some of the comments on this page; her art teacher Tolbert, aka Tolbs, told her that the sketch of Godzilla was NOT a good reference photo. She obviously gave herself five starts (;


Everyday of class in october-INKTOBER- the students were given something to draw. Day 23 was gory, and Anabella didn’t want to draw anything gross, so she drew Al Gore. PERFECT.


“I wanted to know how they make bad words look so pretty.”

Although Anabella uses a lot of humor in her art, she is actually really serious about her form of art. Art isn’t just a hobby for her; drawing, painting, and creating is what Anabella wants to do for life. She looks at art as her career and by golly she better because I know she can go great places with it!

In the future you can find Anabella at SCAD creating her art and working to become some sort of illustrator. For now you can find her and her art at the links listed below, and trust me, her twitter is definitely worth the follow!

Twitter- @allebana456

Instagram- allebana_ 

I’m so pleased that I got to take an hour out of my day to spend time with Miss. Ortiz learning more about her and her art. Be sure to show her work some love through instagram and twitter!

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